Two day Through Leadership Summit

24th - 25th February 2014, Berlin, Germany


Day 1
Day 2

The Rise of Data Management and Analytics in Utilities

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Opening Address from the Chair

Big Data Management and Analytics in Oil and Gas: Cases and Developments

9:10 Case Study
CTO Perspective on HADOOP and Big Data Technologies: How Use Cases and Data Types drive Solution Design, Vendor Selection and Operations Models at T-Systems

  • Solution Design and Enterprise-Wide Target Architecture based on Business Requirements, Use Cases and New Data Types
  • Hadoop Ecosystem, Vendor Selection and Vendor Lock-In
  • Operational Challenges, notably for Enterprise-Wide Big Data Platforms
Juergen Urbanski, Chief Technologist Big Data and Cloud, T-Systems

Tackling the "Big Data" challenges in Upstream E&P: A Review of Approaches

9:50 Case Study
Statoil Exploration Big Data / Analytics activities

  • Questions that need to be answered include who knows an area, what data and studies do we have, can we integrate data spread across multiple distributed sources, and are there analogues from other areas
  • Scalable end-user access to Big Data for effective data analysis (from multiple structured sources)
  • Massively parallel probabilistic evidence-based
  • Question Answering engine (unstructured text analytics)
Eldar Bjorge, Leading Adviser in Exploration Data Management, Statoil

10:30 Coffee and Networking Break

Game Changer: Cloud Computing – Practical Cases and Applications in E&P

11:00 Case Study
Technical Data and Analytics in a Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Why cloud?
  • What changes in managing technical data in a Cloud?
  • Integration challenges
  • Big Data?
  • Analytics and the value it could bring
Pavel Sementsov, E&P Solutions Architect, BG-Group

Petroleum Data Integration and Interoperability: Best Practices

11:40 Case Study
Standardization of your production data and exchange, challenges and benets a story from the Norwegian Continental Shelf

  • Why are we trying to standardize our production data stream and reporting
  • History of standardization on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • Standardization of your daily and monthly production reporting stream, supporting both your partners and the government
  • The importance of semantics and the correct business nomenclature
  • Current status of efforts on the NCS
  • Next generation reporting solution on the NCS, supporting all operators and partners under the EPIM umbrella (
  • Harvesting the benets of 10 years of standardization
Magnus Svensson, E&P Application and Data Management, Dong Energy

12:20 Case Study
Industry Collaboration for Open Data Exchange Standards

  • Energistics overview and governance
  • Open standards development and collaboration strategies
  • Open standards adoption and interoperability challenges
  • Updates on WITSML, PRODML and RESQML
  • Update on the Standards Leadership Council
Jerry Hubbard, President & CEO, Energistics

13:00 Business Lunch

14:00 Coffee and Networking Break

14:30 Case Study
Upstream SEG Exchange Data Formats and Their Use

  • Introduction
  • SEG formats – History
  • SEG update – SEGD3 and SEGY2
  • Tape – 20 Mbytes to 4 Terrabytes .. and increasing
  • Disk – Tape Record Orientated formats on disk
  • Contract Compliance
Jill Lewis, Chairman, Society Of Exploration Geophysicists

Getting the Best from GIS: Integrating, Sharing and Practical Management

15:10 Case Study
Managing survey data using the Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM)

  • Managing survey data using the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM)
  • Integrating SSDM in the survey workow, from planning surveys to delivering interpreted data
  • Using GIS for visualization and analyzing survey data
Marit Aakerholt, Senior GIS Engieer, Fugro

15:50 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break

16:20 Case Study
Integrating Oil and Gas Data with GIS: From Seismic Survey Design To Mobile Apps

  • Integrating data from various sources such as seismic navigation, remote sensing and web services (WMS, WFS) for value added design and interpretation
  • On-line scouting of the survey area using satellite and aerial imagery and digital terrain models
  • Using GIS-based seismic survey design to mitigate environmental impact and minimize permitting issues
  • Case Study: using mobile GIS application for vibroseis guidance system
Jan Burdziej, GIS Manager, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Is the Oil & Gas Industry Overcoming the Big Data Resistance?

  • Is big data concept new to the oil and gas industry?
  • What are possible applications of general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) for oil and gas data analysis?
  • Optimizing oil and gas operations using massive remote sensing data.

17:40 Chairperson's Closing remarks and End of Day One

Demand Response: Practical tools on handling the Challanges

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Opening Address from the Chair

9:10Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering Results from the E-Energy project MeRegio

  • Future changes in energy economy
  • Smart metering and smart grid - technical background
  • Case study: the E-Energy project MeRegio
  • Results from demand response according to dynamic pricing
  • Conclusions for future data handling
p.,p . Hellmuth Frey, Research and Innovation, EnBW Energie BadenWürttemberg AG

9:50 Managing Demand Response - Big data in an energy market environment

  • Demand Response and Distributed Energy Production Information Structures
  • Service setup for managing big data in demand response
  • Multitier information exchange development between market parties, case: Cleen SGEM development environment Finland
  • Active device consolidation and market interface unification
Jan Segerstam, Development Director, Empower IM Oy

10:30 Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 Virtual power plants: a new asset for utilities

  • This talk will outline the benefits of using VPPs to match up energy Demand with optimizing suppliers purchasing portfolio and to take into the considerations the distributed generation capacity has a number of benefits
  • Significantly lower investment when compared to conventional resources
  • New capacity available within days/months
  • Theoretically VPP boosts ecient integration of Renewable Energy Resources, our experiences in praxis
  • Environmentally friendly – CO2 neutral
Uršula Krisper, Elektro Ljubljana , Head of Advanced services Department

Leveraging Customer Data to Enhance Customer Engagement & Relations

11:40 From Grid Loads to Individual Customers How Big Data can change the business of utilities

  • A history of customer perception in the utility industry
  • Thechange in customer communications
  • European case studies in the field of using customer data to create closer relations
  • The potential for the future
Th, omas N. Mikkelsen, Green Energy Options, VP STRATEGIC MARKETING AND SALES

12:20 Empowering Customer and Market Analysts with BI Capabilities

  • Defining Business Demands for flexible Analytical tools
  • Empowering business EndUsers with Self-service BI application
  • Implementation of an Enterprise BI platform for Customer and Market analysis
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Impact of Big Data and InMemory potential
Claudio Lambert, Vattenfall, BIO BI Customer Solutions

13:30 Business Lunch

14:00 Coffee and Networking Break

Using Analytics to streamline Outage and Advanced Distribution Management

14:30 Challenge of system balance investigations

  • How does electricity market influence the system balance management? Need of balance forecasts.
  • Data demand from market and system, data quality
  • Integrated management of system operation and accounting data
  • Dependency on company external data
  • "Forensic" Data screening
Uwe Zimmermann, 50Hertz, Head of System Management

15:10 Coffee and Networking Break

Defining technology Strategy: Creating a integrated IT system architecture

15:50 Discussing Big Data from an Enterprise Architecture perspective

  • Big Data – “yet another application” or “refactoring the IT landscape”?
  • Is the current IT landscape ready for Big Data?
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Big Data – a conflict?
  • Integrating Big Data in value adding processes
Dr. Torsten Engel, EnBW Trading GmbH, Enterprise Architecture

16:20 About: This Panel will address how sophisticated, multi faced customer Data Records and analysis can be used to Better Target Marketing, demand response, energy eciency to improve customer satisfaction and eciency in Utility companies.
Mining for Gold in Customer Data – What Utilities Might Try to Learn, and Why?

  • European situation: role of Big Data in improving Customer relations today
  • What are utilities learning from increased flow of customer data?
  • What key programs an objectives could Big data analysis facilitate?
  • And What key factors will help utilities determine which goals to pursue?

17:00 Chairperson's Closing remarks and End of Conference

Our Speakers
  • Jerry Hubbard Energistics President & CEO Energistics
  • Eldar Bjorge Leading Adviser Statoil
  • Gema Santos Martin Head of E&P Management Repsol E&P
  • Pavel Sementsov E&P Solutions Architect BG-Group
  • Jerry Hubbard Energistics President & CEO Energistics
  • Magnus Svensson E&P Application and Data Management Dong Energy
  • Jill Lewis Chairman Society Of Exploration Geophysicists
  • Jan Burdziej GIS Manager Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Damiano Pesaresi Seismic Data Acquisition Coordinator OGS
  • Juergen Urbanski chief technologist of T-Systems T-Systems
  • Aurelien Guichard Senior Industry Consultant, Oil & Gas Teradata
  • Oleg Cherkasov Cheif Engineer of LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS
  • Sergey Fokin Responsible for Data Management Total
  • Brian Courtney GM Industrial Data Intelligence GE Intelligent Platforms